Some things you may know about Christmas trees and some you may not

  Although often associated with pagan tradition, the first modern reference was in Germany in 1570. A Bremen guild chronicle of 1570 which reports how a small fir was decorated with apples, nuts, dates, pretzels and paper flowers, and erected in the guild-house, for the benefit of the guild members' children, who collected the dainties on Christmas day.  Another early reference is from Basel, where the tailor apprentices carried around town a tree decorated with apples and cheese in 1597.  

The Christmas tree was first introduced to Britain by Queen Charlotte (wife of King George 3rd) but did not spread beyond the royal family.  

Prince Albert is credited with starting the current tradition of Christmas trees in the UK.  

Top Tip  
Cut inch from the bottom of a cut tree in order to open its pores and encourage it to take on more water.  

Fresh trees are easy to recycle. Over 12,000 tons of Christmas trees will be thrown away each year.  

Varieties of Christmas tree Norway spruce - the traditional choice and usually the cheapest. It has fallen from favour in recent years, as it tends to shed needles quite heavily. Nevertheless, if well watered and kept away from radiators it will drop fewer needles.

Nordmann fir - the most popular tree these days due to its needle-holding qualities. It has strong, straight branches clothed with thick, flat needles with a silvery underside. But it's the most expensive as it's much slower growing.

Fraser fir - this has a good shape and excellent needle-holding qualities.

Blue spruce - this tree has a silvery-blue colour to the thick needles and an aromatic, citrus scent.

Scots pine - a little more unusual, but a wonderful, bushy tree, with extra long needles that don't drop as readily.  

Top Tip
All fresh trees will benefit from being watered regularly. Take care not to water any electric lights!  

While working for inventor Thomas Edison, Edward Johnson had lights crafted especially for his Christmas tree leading to the popularization of Christmas tree light.  

73 million new trees are planted each year.  

Christmas trees take 7 10 years to mature  

The first Christmas tree was erected in the White House in 1856 when Franklin Pierce was President of the United States.

If you are having a real tree this Christmas please remember to recycle it!